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imahges is revolutionary new software that will transform the way you sell art. How? By letting you place pieces right on the walls of your buyer's home or office—online, interactively, without ever leaving your gallery

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"I am still marveling over the demonstration you gave me this morning. The ability to show a client what the work will look like on their wall is a luxury I could hardly imagine. Since most people have such a poor sense of space, we have been sending paper cutouts for clients to pin to their wall. With just a little practice, like everything on the computer, it will become second nature. Since my clients can all afford the most up to date gadgets, this will impress them no end. The fact that it can be used remotely is truly the icing on the cake." - Bentley Calverley, Bentley Gallery

"We have been using the Imahges software here at the gallery for just under a year, during which I have noticed a significant increase in efficiency and productivity. The Imahges software is straightforward and continues to provide us with beautiful results. The program assists us in the preliminary selection of artwork for our clients and helps them to easily visualize the work in any desired space. It has changed our sales process in a positive way and I would gladly recommend this software to other galleries and designers.- Darcie Kennedy, Lonsdale Gallery